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Company: Softwear Apparel Group Inc

Trespass QikPacä is a brand of outdoor apparel born over 80 years ago in Scotland. Today Trespass is sold in over 60 countries serving the year round outdoor apparel needs of active families.

Trespass is distributed in Canada by the Softwear Apparel Group, with a particular focus on the  packaway rain and packaway light down market segments. When Softwear Apparel Group started promoting Trespass in Canada in 2011, the entire line of 2000+ styles was introduced. Everyone makes mistakes, and we learned some lessons. Within 2-3 years, we discovered the 80/20 rule also applied to us. But in the case of Trespass in Canada, 95% of our sales have come from 5% of our products – QikPacä.

QikPacä is a segment of the Trespass offering that includes packaway jackets and pants that range from 3000mm waterproof and 5000mm breathability right up to GORE-TEX fighting 15000mm and 10000mvp. Our packaway down is just that, lightweight, real down. The products’ value proposition is “the best performance at a surprisingly attainable price”.

With our already superb agents in the Maritimes, Quebec and Ontario, we are looking to add independent, 3rd party agencies that can market us to retailers and corporate/promotional accounts in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Our best retailers are outdoor and travel stores - we have as repeat customers all CAA stores in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario (NEO and SCO) and Quebec. Over 250 doors currently carry QikPacä in Canada. And we now know that, when sold as an accessory, QikPacä can sell in many more venues. We have just begun.

QikPacä is now our focus. Our mission is to be the packaway king of Canada. We have sold 70,000+ QikPacä rain and light down garments in Canada since 2015. Against that, we have had 59 returns, Canada wide. We carry an inventory of 5000-7000 pieces of QikPacä year round in Toronto, thereby offering our retailers the benefits of just-in-time inventory and better cash-flow, combined with ground breaking customer service.

We credit our retailers for customer returns at 2x what they paid us – why should they lose their margin because of our error? We don’t require product returns and RA#s – we believe in company policies that support the 99% of customers that are honest and hard working. We don’t sell direct – we 100% support our retailers. We offer retailers a choice of free displays with embedded real-time PK for their sales staff and customers.

We treasure our relationships with our sales agents. We don’t replace successful reps with cheaper inside sales reps – because in the long run, they are not cheaper. We encourage our agents to dialogue with the manufacturer – the more they know, the better they can represent us. We very promptly pay a 10% commission.

An entire QikPacä sample set fits in a mid-size duffle bag.

Please call or write Alex Milic, President, Softwear Apparel Group at 416-527-1627 or

Posted on October 1, 2019

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